Starlight Foundation educational initiative “We’re Coming To Your School”, under the theme; “TEACH THEM YOUNG”. The project started running from April 2019 and is still ongoing.

The project is aimed at teaching school children from kindergarten to Junior High School about Basic Health and Fire Safety tips, Reproductive Health, Time Management, Career Choice and Decision Making. We connect these young ones for effective teaching and understanding to be able to intentionally groom safety-conscious children for our society. We all remember how as children we wanted to be anything we had seen or heard. We all wanted to be the doctors, nurses and all that our parents and the people around us were. We weren’t conscious of our decisions then because we were children. Surprisingly it is that stage that the brain develops into its full limit and it the best stage for every child to be informed of the choices available to them and how these choices should match their capabilities. In the last 12 months, there has been an increase in the number of children affected by injury, abduction, molestation and other accidents.

Project Objective

Why teach them young? many adults have found themselves in situations they could have prevented if they had access to information on them. Many are unhappy on their jobs becomes it’s a family legacy they have to follow, some because they thought they had physical stature for it and others because of the money they will gain; no sense of themselves in their jobs and how to make themselves happy on the job as it’s an essential tool of one being productive. We do not want our young ones to take the same path as ours and end up being miserable in life. We want to teach them at this stage how to choose a career that makes them happy and not what makes others happy; how to manage their time as young as they are so they don’t get stranded as they move ahead; how to stay healthy and prevent accidents that would hinder the realization of their dreams.

Project Activities

During sections like these, we expose them to talks on how to identify yourself even before making other choices. As young as they are, they need to know who they are and what they represent as a guide to any other choice they make in life afterward. They are children exposed to many voices from home and school and need to draw the line in what is true and what is not. They are also exposed to basic health and fire safety tips they need to be aware of; children are very explorative and so these tips would let them be conscious of things they can play with and things they need to do to avoid accidents. In this part of the world where talks on reproductive health are banned in many homes yet are very essential in their stage, they need to gain that exposure of what is reality and fallacy. They need to be informed on matters of menstruation, personal hygiene and the practice of good healthy activities. All these are decisions they must make for themselves thus the need to be thought how to make good decisions that affect their lives positively.

Project Impact

Starlight Foundation has so far visited four (4) different schools in different regions in Ghana and has groomed with over 300 children to be conscious about their environment and themselves. This is a running project as our doors are widely open to Schools, Churches, Clubs, and Organizations who will want us to come and have an interactive session with the kids under their care. It is essential that our future leaders know they are leaders at their tender age. We can stop all the regrets as adults by ensuring that our young ones do not face similar situations as they move ahead. The world does not only need educated people but also critical thinkers who effect changes in peoples through the things they do. How can our children be that if they have less information on how to do that and even to the extreme of knowing yet unable to make the right choices? This is why Starlight Foundation is there; our young ones are a different revolution altogether and by teaching them young we would save them of stressful adulthood and make them the future leaders we see them be.

Together, we will intentionally groom safety-conscious children for our societies who are not only intelligent but happy in any area of their lives.

Get Involved

Starlight Foundation is appealing to individuals, corporate institutions, Non-Governmental Organizations, and all Ghanaians to sponsor or partner with us to make a difference in the lives of these underprivileged ones who find themselves in such unfortunate circumstances.